National Alliance: Reform Commission is considering the demands of today's social Erbil, Najaf Baghdad / Orr News

Hold Reform Committee set up by the National Alliance, headed by recently Ibrahim al-Jaafari its second meeting today to discuss the points to be incorporated in the agenda of reform and development of an appropriate mechanism to apply the principle of reform.

The National Alliance for the Reform Commission will adopt the political demands of the social Erbil, Najaf and the National Alliance, the reformist paper and all the demands of the political blocs as the basis for its work to reform the state institutions.

The MP said Qasim al-Araji, said that "the Committee on Political Reform of the National Alliance will develop a therapeutic basis for political reform of all state institutions." He noted that "this committee on dialogue with the political blocs to find appropriate solutions and treatment for all the current political problems."

Araji said that "the Commission will put the developments of the political crisis and political reform within the tasks and demands of the meeting will depend Erbil and Najaf and the National Alliance, the reformist paper previously submitted, and all the demands of the political blocs as the basis for its work."

In turn, the deputy Furat al-Shara "The National Alliance is trying through its meetings to reach a calm atmosphere for the purpose of the atmosphere enough to hold the national meeting and return to the previous political consensus and the implementation of what can be implemented in accordance with the Constitution."

He pointed out that "the National Alliance, discussed these matters and form a committee to look out and given the authority to set the agenda through which to communicate with the political blocs to a mechanism for political reform and then reset on past crises and to understand the implications that have brought the political process to the current crisis and the critical juncture giving guarantees a certain percentage."