Posted Today, 12:56 PM
Denied the Kurdistan Alliance, Sunday, to be the Kurdistan Region has refused delivery of crude oil extracted from the fields to Baghdad, stressing that the oil companies stopped extracting oil for the lack of access to financial dues of the Government Center.

The MP said the Alliance and a member of the Commission on oil and gas parliamentary Qassim Mohammed said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “oil companies in the Kurdistan region has stopped the extraction of oil from the fields of Kurdistan since last April not to meet the central government pledges to give her financial dues,” denying that “the the region refused to hand over the crude oil extracted from the fields to Baghdad. “

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced on Sunday (1 July now), that the Kurdistan Regional Government refused to hand over the crude oil extracted from the fields to Baghdad, stop denying or reducing the supply of petroleum products to the region, called upon everyone to abide by the constitution and laws.

Mohammed said that the “government of the region and the central government reached an agreement late last year to pay under which the federal government dues to companies operating in the region but they reneged and evaded the payment,” adding that “the oil companies operating in the region carried out its threat to stop oil extraction if they received financial receivables last April, not income to the Government of the Territory in question. “

And Mohamed that “the oil companies out of order and there is no oil extractor,” explaining that “there is no smuggling of oil or selling oil cheaply region.”

He said that Mohammed “regional president Massoud Barzani called when the pace increased charges on oil extracted to form a committee of federal authority and the region to investigate the subject except that the federal authority did not respond to this demand.”