01/07/2012 11:06

Reported Iedenlk Turkish edition (3892), issued on Monday, 18 / May / 2012 that John Kobe is one of the officers of the CIA that has been left out of the device due to leak some information about the electronic devices exported to China from the United States and classified as confidential.
The detection of the Cuban Sihfah a plot to assassinate al-Maliki, saying "that the assassination of al-Maliki is not far from the U.S. Central Intelligence (CIA "), Citing the reason that Maliki Standards violation of constitutional and walking towards dictatorship and autocracy
He said the CIA Pose the hypothesis that the assassination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to maintain the democratic system in the Arab countries and not the birth of another dictator in Iraq
He added that some may oppose this idea on the basis that it should not be on CIA involvement in targeted assassinations. But American intelligence has already extensive experience in this area as evidenced by the assassination of the second leader of al-Qaeda Abu Yahya al-Libi during an attack by a U.S. drone, which was well received popular and widespread. However, opponents may argue for this bold idea that Libi was an actor in a terrorist network aimed at killing Americans . In pointing out that Maliki is also a violation of the rights of his people and his quest for the uniqueness of power and control of the presidential system in Iraq and the continuing attempts to marginalize the role of its partners within the political process and the CIA has repeatedly stressed its willingness to carry out the assassination in order to prevent authoritarian regimes from the oppression of their people. Kobe said that one of the pretexts which could be used by others to refute the idea of assassinating al-Maliki is the law which opposes the assassination of heads of State and CIA, but Shown repeatedly that they do not fully comply with international laws. It helped the United States during the Cold War in the coordination of military coups, eventually led to the killing of the leaders of South Vietnam and Chile as the administration of George Bush launched the Iraq war in 2003 with the intention of intent on the assassination of President Saddam Hussein .
Agueta to consider that Washington violated the sovereignty of other states in all possible ways in a manner not acceptable to the Americans if these violations carried out against the United States. The only reason that prevents these countries to respond is not the lack of precedent, but lack the power to violate the sovereignty of the United States .
And saw that it was difficult to find the principle of distinction between Maliki and the assassination of targeted killings and humanitarian wars involving the United States dramatically over the past decades.
He noted that he is trying to shed light on the approach taken by the United States during the past years in terms of preference for the security interests and human values on the sovereignty of other nations and international law .