Haidaralmla: Maliki could not stop the will of individual confidence and early elections need to dissolve parliament
Ali Salman - 01/07/2012 m - 2:55 PM | Hits: 31
Stressed the spokesman of the Iraqi List Haider Mulla that the option to withdraw confidence from the government is unconstitutional, so the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the will of the individual can not stop this process.
Mulla said, "The call for dialogue is unacceptable because the political forces engaged in a dialogue before and did not al-Maliki is committed to the agreements reached as a result of these dialogues, so the political forces have become convinced of the futility of these dialogues." With regard to early elections asserted that early elections can not occur only by vote of the House of Representatives during the political forces within the Council and we respect the constitutional options if there is a patchwork political majority decided to vote on the dissolution of parliament. "