Posted Today, 11:10 AM
Government wants CBI to carefully delete zeros and reveal the financial details of the project ; SUNDAY, 01 JULY 2012 11: 55 ; Revealed the House Financial Committee, Sunday, prompting Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the Central Bank to wait to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, noting the presence of several foreign companies vying for printing the new currency.
Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee for “Haitham al-Jabburi,twilight news,” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked the Central Bank to wait to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency.
“The Finance Committee met Wednesday with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and was discussing the deletion of zeros and print new currency”.
“We’re afraid that in the process of delivering the money to the banks for the purpose of manipulation and blackmail citizens but time is exceeded, this case after the approval of the Central Bank to be there 10 years forward allowed the old Iraqi currency delivered.”
The “new currency contains 36 cases of fraud while ensuring that current currency contains 8 just so it is expected that the new currency forgery difficult.”
He said the new currency would consist of categories of paper and metal paper ones are groups of 200 dinars, equivalent to 200,000 dinars a $ 180, 100, 50 and 25 dinar JD either metal is half dinar JD and a quarter and 100 Fils and 50 Fils, 25 Fils is the smallest coin equal to 250 dinars “.
“Been subject to national symbols such as Helicobacter and civilization of ur and the castle of Arbil and waterfall geli and Mosul Dam”.
He noted that “there are offers of mnsharkat Swiss and Russian and Brazilian compete in terms of price and quality for printing the new currency would be subject to discussion, presentations by competent Central Bank to determine who qualified for printed money.”
The CBI had earlier described, delete zeros from the currency project as “a new infrastructure of the country is no less important than other infrastructure.”
The Deputy Governor of the Bank, said Mohammad Saleh appearance that the project reflects the harmony of speed angashza ministries and competent State departments away from institutional work, ‘ isolationist value for the independence of the Central Bank if the independence high coordination with other economic institutions to build Iraq. “