Deputy for Iraq: security will nominate ministers part of the crisis

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BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Confirmed for the Iraqi List MP Fadel Suhad that the installation of the Minister of Defence and another part of the interior will of the current crisis, noting that the fill in the blanks in the ministries of interior and defense that would solve the political differences between the winning parliamentary blocs.

Said Suhad of the newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that the claim of the Iraqi List to submit a paper reforms similar to those provided by the National Alliance to end the crisis in the country, adding that was named Minister innocent of the paper the reform adopted by the alliance will be effective to address the differences between the existing and a coalition of state law.

She explained that it is possible to resort to the security and defense committee in Parliament House of Representatives to take over the development of automatic selection of the right men for the job and thus provide three figures are likely to be selected by the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.