GMT 6:00:00 2012 Sunday, July 1
With Maliki confirmed that it is not a solution to the problem of the current political in Iraq without calling for dialogue between the political parties, he saw his rival Allawi late and a jump in the vacuum and was part of the threat of liquidation of the political parties and escape from the variables of internal and regional have created has a sense of isolation ... While the authorities began preparations for a major security in Karbala province to secure the visit of more than two million Iraqis have it on the occasion of the fifteenth of August the current memory of the birth of the Mahdi the twelfth Imam in Shi'ite Islam.

In response to the invitation of Prime Minister to the political forces to engage in dialogue to resolve the current political crisis, said Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said that after six years of head-Maliki's government, it did not stop industry crises in order to occupy others about Khroqath and excesses constitutional scandalous and concealment tell-tale signs of corruption and its symbols.

Said the spokesman of the movement Hadi and to Zalmi in a statement that it received "Elaph" He does not need today not to confuse the interrogation concerning policies Maliki in power management and the development of the political process and democracy for years on the one hand, and reform that draws a road map to see the interactive group for the future of building the state's prompt and sustain national will of her career and ensure steadily towards full democracy the civil state from the other.

He, therefore, Maliki's call late for dialogue represents a leap in the space to escape the benefits accumulated, which fall within the mixing leaves the dialogue and the threat of liquidation of the political parties and the Government of the partnership and the majority, and dissolve parliament, and the freezing of the Constitution, to escape variables internal and regional have created has a sense of isolation, especially after polarization of the birth of a national cross-sectarian, ethnic and factional tendencies to face Altferdih and authoritarian.

For its part, confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance tour Haji al-Maliki that he lost his temper and does not assume what the political blocs in order to reform the political process. She said that al-Maliki late mocked the positions of the political blocs in the belief that the blocks will not go about the process of withdrawal of confidence.

She added that the Prime Minister was using all his cards, but it was left to him is the loss of nerve and explained that he had lost his nerve and spasm so due to the fear of the insistence of the other blocs to proceed with the process of withdrawal of confidence from him, and said that al-Maliki sure that he had a series of violations is not that it may be acquiesces to the other political blocs.

Al-Maliki reiterated yesterday his claim of political forces to resolve crisis through dialogue and work together to build the country, said in a speech on the occasion of day of political prisoner in Baghdad: "We are now in a country that wants to build its institutions and work to serve the citizens do not want revenge from anyone."

Addressing Maliki all political partners by saying that "This is your all and everything that walks in the Constitution, which oath the Koran to be bound by and know that there is no hope or a solution or breakthrough does not provide or achieve gains or services only when we believe the Constitution and apply what we accept and reject what is rejected." He regretted that "some Iraqis collude with adversaries and enemies to Iraq should not be a strong invincible is located in the surroundings."

The political blocs of opposition to the prime minister, who met in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region on the tenth of last month have agreed to continue to mobilize forces representative to address the "phenomenon of control and monopoly," government-run and directed explanatory letter to President Jalal Talabani has been emphasized in which the validity of signatures of the House and the adequacy of the required number including a constitutional no-confidence after it said it did not reach this number of $ 164 deputies of the total number of members of parliament's 325 deputies.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is a political crisis in the unity of the differences between the political blocs after it was transformed from a dispute between the Iraqi List and the rule of law to the difference in the latter with the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadr movement and other movements and parties.

38 thousand military, backed by aircraft to protect the visiting half of Sha'ban

Furthermore, the Iraqi authorities began preparations for a huge security in the province of Karbala, involving the forces coming from the capital and neighboring provinces to secure the visit of more than two million Iraqis on the occasion of the fifteenth of August the current memory of the birth of the Mahdi the twelfth Imam in Shi'ite Islam.

The commander of the Middle Euphrates Gen. Othman Ghanimi during a press conference in the city of Karbala (110 km) south of Baghdad last night, the start of the security plan for the visit with the participation of 38 thousand and an element of defense and interior ministries and agencies, backed by retaining aviation and intelligence effort.

He said Ghanimi This security plan does not include the city of Karbala alone, but all the provinces of the Middle Euphrates, too, and explained that the Ministry of Interior participates in five battalions of emergency in this plan and the defense with four battalions of emergency in addition to the troops in the province of Karbala, bringing the number of troops to 38 thousand security element. He pointed out that the security plan also includes post 26 helicopter to provide aerial reconnaissance Operations Command imaging in addition to promoting the plan with special devices to detect explosives and intelligence agents in civilian clothes.

And about whether to impose a curfew in the city of Karbala, said Ghanimi The possibility of imposing a curfew depends on the security situation and the variables ... At a time when the provincial police command announced yesterday for reducing the number of vehicle access to the center of the city of Karbala, the county seat.

According to the security plan has four rings surround Karbala security and divided into five themes in addition to the deployment of hundreds of people trained to gather intelligence and track information will participate in the security plan August.

Coincided with a visit half of August next Saturday which is expected to access the number of participants to more than two million people coming on foot to Karbala from all over the country to mark the occasion of the birth of Imam Mahdi, the twelfth Imam and the latter with the Shia, who will appear according to their beliefs at the end of time to fill the world just after be filled with injustice and tyranny