"Kurdistan": no serious calls for "state law" it is just covers the political crisis

"BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Said "Kurdish Alliance" that no serious calls for a coalition of "state law" led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, confirmed that the calls for dialogue to resolve the crisis, it is only the covers for the continuation ofthe political crisis.

The MP said the "Kurdistan" Xuan Mohammed Taha "Last week there were four proposals of different and varied by a coalition of state law, In the beginning, called for the withdrawal of confidence from the Chairman of the House of Representatives Najafi, and then demanded that the ongoing dialogue between the political parties, and then talked about the formation of committees of the reforms administrative, and eventually called for early elections, "adding," This procrastination in solving the political problems threaten the political scene in Iraq as a whole. "
According to Mohamed Taha said that "the rule of law looking for an excuse to cover up the core of the crisis, namely, that he is ready to keep the political crisis intact, and this is what makes us insist on the reform of the political process."