Held in the capital Baghdad next week, the first summit of tribal leaders and elders [of Commons] to most of the families of Iraq.

A member of the Preparatory Committee for the conference, Sheikh Yahya Al Darwish said in a statement received by both Iraq [where] the day that "the invitations and sent to about 1200 tribal leader and tribal leader, representing most of the components of Iraqi society, and without exception."

"The conference will feature a wide range of Iraqi tribal leaders and a large number of the elders of Commons. Noting" that this event is the first of its kind in terms of the participation of many tribes and warlords and tribal leaders in northern Iraq to the south. "

And the dervish, "The conference will be a radical change towards a real integration between the components of Iraqi society in order to work Basha˙rh remove the effects of sectarian Altakndqat witnessed by the last period." ended


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