Kurdistan Alliance: Maliki's call for early elections a desperate attempt to avoid a no-confidence
08:43:01 / 07/2012

Nuri al-Maliki
Khandan - after he shot the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region with the ball to the stadium Kurdistan Alliance bloc House of Representatives with regard to the invitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to dissolve parliament and hold early elections, said spokesman for the bloc to Maliki's call is nothing but a last ditch attempt of it to put pressure on Parliament to undo position on the issue of withdrawal of confidence from it, and that this attempt will fail like its predecessors, because the Parliament is the only institution that are not subject to the control block of state law «headed by Maliki», accusing the prime minister that he wants parliament to measured.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region has been in contact with its spokesman to a question from the «Middle East» about the position of Maliki's call to dissolve the parliament that the matter back to the Kurdistan Alliance bloc as long as the subject for the political blocs represented in parliament, the Kurdistan Alliance, which represents deputies bipartisan Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is on this subject, and directed the same question to a spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance supporter good he replied: «We have declared the former position on this issue, I would like to refer precisely to this situation that seems to be confused on some of the media and political parties, we in the Kurdistan Alliance bloc affirm our commitment to the full contents of the Constitution, this Constitution put in place mechanisms and procedures specific to many controversial issues such as the issue of withdrawal of confidence or questioning or the dissolution of parliament, and we support any action unconstitutional take on any subject is controversial, if the rule of law you want to dissolve parliament and according to the contexts constitutional, we can not object, provided that in accordance with the conditions established by the Constitution, we will not be like Maliki, who refuses to obey the principles and provisions of the Constitution which authorizes the issue of questioning, I would like to emphasize in this regard that we in the Kurdistan Alliance bloc are not with the dissolution of parliament, but we will not object to the If you can call the other party of its implementation and providing the requirements of the constitutional mechanisms, but we certainly will not vote to dissolve the parliament when it was put the matter to the vote in the House of Representatives ».

In an apparent attempt by Nuri al-Maliki, the transfer of his battle with the parties of opposition to his rule to Parliament and seek to resolve it before the work of these forces summoned him and the withdrawal of confidence from him, I asked the «Middle East», spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance about his expectations successfully the attempt he said: «This is not the first attempt by Maliki to influence Parliament, it was preceded by a lot of other attempts to subdue the parliament to control as it did for many of the ministries and security institutions and the joints of the other task in the country, and tried before the withdrawal of confidence from Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and failure, it is just that those who oppose the withdrawal of confidence from him in parliament will line up next to him in his battle, and this is an illusion and tactical error, because those who refuse to withdraw confidence from it does not have to Ioavqoh remove the President of the Parliament or dissolution of Parliament, and I think that, having despaired of trying to overthrow the Balngeevi wire this way, and I think that this attempt will not succeed because the Parliament is the only institution that difficult to submit to the policies of al-Maliki and control of the mass of the rule of law, so I think that trying to present to dissolve parliament and hold early elections will fail like its predecessors, because it will not be able to collect the required number of votes of members is 164 members, but I am sure that he can not to collect half that number ».

And about his expectations on the position of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in the case of face-Maliki invited him to dissolve parliament as stipulated in Article 64 of the Constitution, which requires the approval of the President on the request of the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament, said good: «I am not authorized to declare on behalf of His Excellency President Jalal Talabani, but it is possible that wonder about the position will be based in the case of the arrival of Maliki's request to him in this regard, presumably at least who wants to distance himself from the political conflicts within the country, demand that al-Maliki to collect 164 signatures of members of Parliament in favor of his demand to take the appropriate decision on this step as it did Regarding the issue of withdrawal of confidence, I do not see any chance for the success of this endeavor to Maliki and I think that just because he takes the pressure on other parties in order to pay to the dialogue table, who want ».

On a call for dialogue, especially as there are a lot of political parties and the media believes that there is still a chance of being met, said a spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance: «We have confirmed the blocs and political parties participating in the meetings of Erbil and Najaf that the possibility of success of this conference or dialogue are absent in light of the continued Maliki's ruling, and therefore they are invincible only solution is to withdraw confidence from Maliki, and this is the official position of the parties to the meetings of Erbil and Najaf so far, and we in the Kurdistan Alliance bloc we will abide by this position and we will continue our efforts in this direction ».