Osman Algehiche: a deliberate and clear by the blocks in the disabled legislation of important laws in parliament
Sunday, July 1, 2012 11:16

Accused the independent MP Osman Algehiche some political blocs in parliament by deliberately not to pass the legislation of important laws.

He Algehiche told all of Iraq [where] the day that "these laws oil and gas law and the law of parties and amending the election law and the law of dual nationality and the law of the Federal Court, noting that" there are blocks does not want legislation such laws that if the legislation there will be Dharraly large blocs ".

"There are Illabh and lack of clarity about the oil and gas law in terms of his will and exports, noting that" this law in the event legislation will set a political strategy for the issue of distribution of oil wealth. "

He Algehiche to "the existence of parties, the smuggling of oil, noting that" there should be a law to regulate exports oil as a central mechanism away from the manipulation of any political party but there is political parties taking advantage of the disabled, as well as the law of dual nationality, the article [18 of the Constitution / IV confirms that any Iraqi sovereign position it receives a waiver of citizenship gained and this law is disabled from the previous session of Parliament on what is and will remain until the end of the current session of parliament, he said. "

He said the independent MP, said "the Federal Court Act to be passed to be an independent authority of the Constitution, saying that" many of the laws is still disabled as a result of political differences and lack of consensus on some of the laws. "

He called Algehiche political blocs to submit general interest of the citizens away from partisanship and self-interest, explaining that he "has to be the chairman of the parliament of a road map and timeframe of the Guanyin important legislative term of the new by drawing a practical plan for ten Guanyin so there will be seminars for civil society organizations and legal experts citizens and professionals, and the presence of the media there will be hearings between members of parliament and the people on these important laws, saying that "the only victim is the home of the Iraqi disabled as a result of those laws," as he put it. "

He noted that the "partisan and sectarian quotas was born political differences which impacted negatively on the disabled legislation of important laws for the Iraqi people."

And was a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Attorney bright Nagy called in a statement to [where] in the earlier political blocs to "not to disrupt the legislation of laws that affect the lives of citizens."

Iraq is a political crisis that lasted several months due to the escalation of disputes between the political blocs on matters concerning the partnership in the state administration as well as other files, the continuation of the crisis has led to the suspension consideration and approval of the legislation before the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives has postponed its meeting to the tenth of July. Ended 2