MPs: political differences hinder the legislation of laws in parliament
Baghdad / justice - 01/07/2012 - 9:42 p.m. | Hits: 13

Reflected political differences and alignments negatively on the legislative role of Parliament which affects the disabled legislation laws. Attributes the political parties the reasons for the delay in voting on certain laws in Parliament to the nature of differences and contradictions experienced by the political process.

In this regard, MP of the coalition of state law judge Mahmoud Hassan said "a lot of projects that were sent from the government has been disabled in Parliament as a result of political differences, noting that" there are some laws have been broken down like all the bills and serving the citizens of the Law of the infrastructure and the law of payment on credit and the law, which builds schools dilapidated. "He called Hassan presidency of the parliament to proceed display projects and requests of some laws and not to allow any political bloc procrastination and Almmtalh on topics laws." He was a member of the Legal Committee of parliamentary deputy bright Naji earlier called for political blocs to "Do not disable the legislation of laws that affect the lives of citizens." In the same context, stressed the MP for the Iraqi List, Nora Albjara that disabling the legislation of some important laws was for political reasons. She said that "of those laws the law of the Federal Court and the Judicial Council, parties and provincial elections were disrupted legislation for reasons political result of the lack of political agreements. "she added Albjara that" the legislation of laws is an important issue of concern to the establishment of the state and institution-building has been since the first round and so far there are laws do not vote for it but have not agreed upon, because the democratic process new in Iraq and because of the circumstances of private security that was going through in Iraq, particularly in the previous session. "She said," This session despite legislation important laws but were not Balstoy required since there are fundamental laws did not initiate, including the laws of the Federal Court and the parties and the Supreme Judicial Council and, unfortunately, interfered with political differences and consensus to disable these important laws and this Fatal error committed by the House of Representatives and the political blocs. "