We will not have relations with Israel and will not accept interference from countries, says PM Maliki30/06/2012 16:53
BAGHDAD, June 30 (AKnews) - Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stated today that Iraq will not have relations with Israel and called for countries not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.
Maliki said: "What Iraq passed through after the fall of the regime was due to the external interventions and agendas."
About the political process in the country, Maliki said he was "wondering why the dialogue is rejected while it is the human language and we hope that no one insists on his positions and holds his dagger, to sit at the table of dialogue together and build the country.
“We will reach no solution, no hope, no breakthrough and we will not achieve the aspirations of our people without being committed to the constitution."
Maliki called on politicians to "meet at a table that does not carry any foreign agendas because the Iraqis are sick of foreign interventions in the affairs of their country.
"What we are experiencing is not a crisis but it is a problem that will end like its predecessors. There would have been no crisis without foreign intervention in the state."
By Yazn al-Shummari