On: Saturday 06/30/2012 4:03

 Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
A member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary Hassan Jihad's parliament rejected the names of senior security officials because of lack of balance in terms of their representation of the Iraqi people, in addition to not send the names of all officers to fill positions that are managed by proxy more than two years.

The MP from Kurdistan Alliance in a statement to the extent of yesterday, "The Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces sent to the House of Representatives 5 names to take over the leadership of teams managed by proxy, described the move by the late, considering that there is" the dominance of those positions by the head of the government during the last period, "returned her "violation of the constitution."

He called for Jihad on the Government to send an explanation for the mechanism by which officers will be selected on the basis of which, to the Commission on Security and Defense Council of Representatives in the study, and to give its observations in this regard. He wondered why the government is sending five names only, while the statistics indicate that more than 15 Division Commander has been appointed a proxy, as well as other security-sensitive positions as the intelligence and intelligence.

On the other hand declared a member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary Zamili governor that his committee received the files, corps commanders and the Presidency of the Army Staff for the purpose of study and filtered. "

Zamili said in a statement to the extent "that the Commission on Security and Defense received the files, the parliamentary army chief and his staff and all team leaders for the purpose of filtering some of the names that we believe are not suitable for this leadership or Almaaonah for this."

He Zamili "The file will resolve the leaders of the security services during this period," without specifying the time being is "extremely important as ensuring the rights of these senior officers."

The Member of the parliamentary security and defense that there are meetings and negotiations will be held by the Commission because some of the officers are covered for accountability and justice, and some do not fit to be the leader of these teams. "

The Zamili "that these leaders will be voted upon by the House of Representatives to take their legitimacy from the people's representatives, and that in case of failure of these leaders will be removed by the House, because it is the sound of them and gave them legitimacy, so can the House of Representatives to remove them at any time. "

For his part, MP for the Iraqi List, Hassan Jubouri that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives received lists of names of the leaders of the teams and the military brigades and senior officers in the Iraqi army for the purpose of presented and discussed in parliament, being the lists are old and supposed to refer to the Committee on the balance of parliamentary to install the new names and approval, in addition to they are not subject to the standards and the principle of balance between the components of the people. "

The Jubouri in a press statement that "the Presidency of the Parliament called on to submit new names for these positions according to the balance and political agreements concluded between the blocks."