Again delayed government action tariffs, customs despite the approval of the House of Representatives tariff law over a year ago. analyst Alaguetsaa crescent Taan that there are political reasons forced the government to postpone the of the law, in order to avoid criticism that may be experienced by the citizens when they applied the law and pushing up prices of goods and imported goods, pointing out the importance of working tariff to protect the Iraqi products. While sees a member of the Committee of Economy and investment in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Abdul-Hussein Abtan that the application of the law of customs tariff needed to stabilize the government, and to the institutions strong executive can continue to work on it without that touch the lives of citizens. He Abtan that despite the importance of the law but the government is unable to implement it at the moment for lack of the right climate, came to the postponement of action by the third time and probably will not apply tariff law until the end of the age of the government. to that expressed the citizens satisfaction with the postponement of a law customs tariff because its application will result in their opinion to the high prices are crazy, especially since the traders, he says Yasser Ismail raise prices, the higher the dollar and remain on the price even if the dollar falls. are of the view of Yousef, Hamid said the level of living of most citizens simple, as it depended on what Akspoh daily work and therefore tariff will affect the status of living of the year