Congress looks at the "American mission" in Iraq, officials of the Obama administration preparing to reduce their presence strongly
Posted 29/06/2012 04:08 AM

Washington - "squares of liberation" of Ali Al-Shammari
Continue the story of Iraq inside the U.S. at the same rate: Congress is trying to make sure the money and spirits provided by the United States did not go to waste, while the administration characterize positively on the situation in Iraq in order to ensure the closure of the country, which stretched the Bush administration did not want the Obama administration to occupy itself with shapers Iraq issue, even with approval, that Iran is the real winner of the toppling of Saddam, as it brings together members of Congress and most analysts and strategists.

U.S. Congress

Thursday saw the U.S. Congress hearing testimony from three officials in the Obama administration: Foreign Affairs, Defense and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and the aim is to assess the "transition the U.S. mission in Iraq from a military to a civilian."
Administration officials Tnagmoa what he wants with the White House as any depiction of Iraq is safe and that U.S. goals to build a democratic system in Iraq has been, that is what necessitates reducing the U.S. presence there, which sought by Obama and Vice President Biden.
Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy said a reduction in the number of employees working in Iraq by about 30 percent, and by the year 2013.
Responsible at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Mira Rodman talked about the "stability in Iraq, which reflected changes turn out to be a reduction in the American mission."
Congress, despite being skeptical of Obama's policy in Iraq and who was refused a number of its members, the nomination of Ambassador Macgork for his incompetence, but he is not able to cope with the policy of Obama and the only title: Escape from Iraq at any cost.