SALAHADDIN, June 29 (AKnews)- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's State of Law Coalition (SLC) is not serious about reform project and fulfilling its demands, an MP from Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) said.

In the past few days, the SLC proposed three suggestions for solving the political crisis in Iraq; reform, dialogue and dissolving the House of Representatives, said KBC MP Shuwan Mohammed.

Mohammed continued "this in itself is clear evidence that the SLC is not serious [to overcome the crisis] and it cannot break through crises.

"There is no choice left for the political blocs, except withdrawing confidence from Maliki."

The MP also accused the SLC of "impeding" the reform in the political process.

On Tuesday the SLC announced that the National Alliance (NA, which includes SLC among other Shiite blocs) will begin enforcing its roadmap for political reform in the few coming days.

The content of the reform package was not announced.

While the NA is preparing for negotiations and political reform, the KBC and the Iraqiya List MPs are setting the stage for interrogating the PM over "constitutional violations." They hope to be able to withdraw confidence from Maliki in this session.