Iraq: UN sanctions prevent the payment of $ 800 million to Iran as receivables

28/06/2012 17:51

Diyala, June 28 (Rn) - The Ministry of the Federal Electricity, said on Thursday that the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran prevented Iraq from the payment of wages to import electricity to the Iranian side for 10 months, while announcing the conclusion of a contract between the two sides to supply Iraq with 25 million cubic meters of natural gas Iranian daily for five years.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab al-teacher, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Iraqi government of the Ministry of Electricity looking for ways to repay the dues of the Iranian side of the energy which is not paid in 10 months due to economic sanctions imposed on Iran."

He said the "Iran card equipped with electric Iraq of about 1200 MW through four lines, as ranked on Iraq to pay 60 to 70 million dollars a month as receivables and charges for electricity imported from the Iranian side, according to the stated standards."

On the other hand revealed the teacher about the "conclusion of a contract between the Ministry of Electricity and its Iranian counterpart to supply Iraq with 25 million cubic meters of natural gas per day is enough to run 2500 MW for a period of 5 years because of delayed production Ghaz natural field Mansourieh Diyala to the year 2017."

The teacher explained that "through the processing pipeline will be 130 km long stretching from Iran to the oil box and then into a field Mansourieh and then to Baghdad to Jerusalem and processing plants invading Sadr City that the project is completed in 11 months."

Iraq has suffered a shortage of electric power since the beginning of 1990, and increased hours of rationing power after 2003 in Baghdad and the provinces, because of made a lot of stations as well as sabotage attacks on facilities over the past years, with increased hours of power cuts for citizens to about twenty hours per day.