Mstnjadda Barab divide Iraq .. Barzani are intensive contacts with Biden to develop a future vision for an independent Kurdistan28/06/2012 10:00

Sources close to the Kurdistan Alliance, the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, had several contacts in the past week with Vice President Joe Biden discussed the future of the Kurds after the announcement of their independent state.

The sources said that Barzani expressed his concern at the developments of Biden's current crisis, which hit the political process and the pessimism of the success of efforts aimed at resolving the crisis, asking him to use his influence and contacts in Iraq and the region to rally the necessary support in the event was the announcement of an independent Kurdish state.

It confirmed that Biden did not protest are being put forward is the idea of dividing Iraq, which still seeks to Thakaha, and that he had asked Barzani to wait a little while to create a suitable ground for the declaration of a Kurdish state in particular and that the area undergoing rapid transformation.

She noted that Barzani stressed that Kirkuk is a land carved out of Kurdistan and must be returned and then we will announce our Kurdish and will not need one then.

The sources added that there is a trend and instructions in this regard was assigned through the media and prominent figures in the two Kurdish parties to promote the issue of taking advantage of the current crisis between the political parties and the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the statements are likely to escalate the demand for secession during the next few days.