Serious information unique to readings posted!! Talabani prepares his son to succeed him, and inhibited him in the political bureau of the party and Barham Saleh upset!

28/06/2012 22:39

I learned readings that Qubad Talabani, eldest son of the President, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jalal Talabani, has been appointed to the Politburo of the party, said a source close to the family of Talabani said Qubad who had previously served as the representative of the party in America was called to Sulaymaniyah during the new session of the party has He was elected a member of the Politburo, the source, who did not want the announcement of his name said that Talabani wants to create his son Qubad to succeed him as leader of the party which is headed by receiving support from his wife Hirokhan which is funded by the financial of the party and ties ratios and affinity with by Mustafa, leader of the MDC splinter party Talabani, and went on the source saying that the prospects for the return of the change to the party the mother will be featured so for the reasons above if it was inhibited support of his mother, Hero Khan and Mustafa, leader of the MDC, the source said Barham Salih, backed by Massoud Barzani to be a substitute for Talabani and Rasool patient eternally worried clear from the final step to provide Talabani, his son, which could lead to new divisions in the party ranks, according to the source.