Maliki confirms the absence of journalists in Iraqi prisons

| On 2012-06-28 |

2:27 p.m.BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the lack of journalists in prison, while the face not to arrest journalists, he noted that it does not allow it.

He said Nuri al-Maliki in a speech during the celebration central festival of the press, which was held at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, that "the prison during the former regime was filled with journalists and media workers who Ikhton intentionally or unintentionally, when not to be of cheerleaders Aoualemrugen of the system," stressing that "after what was restriction imposed on journalists it is our right to be proud today that he is not in our prisons and Matqlatna one journalist, contrary to what is said to promote the existence of restrictions on them. "

Maliki said, "I say in the presence of journalists and journalists' union if there was one detainee from the media and journalists on the background of the word uttered or an article or program of his, I would be I am responsible and that something of our right to be proud of," adding that "Iraq today is the freedom in general and in different fields, especially, the most important freedom of the media and the press. "

Maliki stressed that "no one is allowed to arrest a journalist on a certain background," noting that "the government under the Constitution of the country and gives enough freedom through cooperation with the Union of journalists, civil society and all the trade unions which have full freedom to work in Iraq."

Maliki said that this freedom is guaranteed, "despite the use is not good or positive by this institution or that and Lalit out sometimes controls the media balanced within the framework of the profession have sometimes up to accusations and insults," calling to "work as citizens, trade unions and a government order to develop the work of the press in Iraq. "