Fatlawi: If you fell for Iraqi withdrawal of confidence from Maliki law would leave Najafi condition

| On 2012-06-28 |

2:34 p.m.BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

, MP on the mass of the citizens of parliamentary Hassoun Fatlawi that in the event of decline in the Iraqi List, the demand for the withdrawal of confidence The rule of law in turn will leave the House of Representatives Speaker Osama al condition, adding that the Iraqi List, has adopted the issue of no-confidence in Maliki and the rule of law, in turn, adopted the issue of dismissal Najafi from office.

He said Fatlawi's newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that if the fallen Iraqi no-confidence of Maliki, he decline by law for exemption Najafi, calling on all parties in the political process to address the necessary current through the sit and dialogue in order to address all outstanding issues in the Iraqi arena.

And that the constitutional text in accordance with Article (49) for the year 2007 provides for exemption of the President of the House of Representatives, provided that the request is made ​​by the members of Council to be a vote on the subject, noting that a coalition of state law is not serious in the exemption Najafi from office and the case is used as a pressure not only .