Accord Movement: Maliki's comments last is not a "slip of the tongue", but evidence of the uniqueness of authority
On: Wednesday 27/06/2012 15:57
Baghdad (news) .. According to Iraqi National Accord Movement remarks of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the latter as consistent with his general in the singularity and despotism and not a slip of the tongue can apologize, saying that such practices open the door wide for the intervention of other governments or parliaments or human rights organizations universal.
A statement of the movement for its spokesperson Hadi Zalmi saying today: that the statements of yesterday, a coup-Maliki on the constitution, the state and the will of its people, threatening the legitimacy of its existence after Hanth right hand, and unequivocal way for any move to reform outside the change-Maliki himself after make sure the inevitable withdrawal of confidence by the The removal mask his calls earlier in resorting to the Constitution, which crack the heads of the Iraqis, to prove, but the place of all that conflicts with ambitions personal wild, even if the Constitution, which I swear to observe it, or institution legislative authority as the highest elected authority closely the will direct popular.

He Zalmi: The uniqueness of the executive and management by the will of one individual, making resistance to this approach beyond the forces of the Alliance of Arbil - Najaf, to the skeptics of our brothers in the National Alliance and the rule of law after he revealed the positions of al-Maliki and his comments on the personal ambition of Ajribt the interests of the coalition or state law or public interest .

He stressed: "The Iraqi National Accord Movement and refuses to encroach upon the Constitution and the principle of separation of powers and to harm the Parliament put political forces and civil society organizations in front of their responsibilities in addressing the protection of the democratic experiment threatened, and the maintenance of the Constitution, and warn other - under any motive or e - from the illusion of engage in any activity inconsistent with the Constitution and the democratic values ​​and principles of human rights and freedoms guaranteed. / Finished