Hold a second meeting away from the media .. readings unique to publish details of a tripartite meeting between Maliki and Hakim and Jaafari yesterday in the office of the latter ..

06/27/2012 15:11

A leading figure in the National Alliance has reservations on the site readings to be named for a tripartite meeting an important and far from the media collection between Maliki and Hakim and Jaafari in office the last day on Tuesday ..

The source said that the meeting included put Maliki, the issue of early elections and dissolve parliament on the al-Jaafari and Hakim is that the last two rejected that idea because of the lack of parliamentary majority comfortable pass placed early elections, not to mention Maerafq the move from a crisis in the political reality convulsive originally two proposals to the Prime Minister to have the option last resort to in case of crisis reached a dead-end hard solution ..

The source said that al-Maliki has become convinced of the futility of dialogue with the forces of the front of Arbil - Najaf to the expansion of the problems between the parties and waving his opponents to withdraw his confidence and their determination to proceed in this way is not indifferent to what is said or subtracted from the reforms, according to a source ..