Iraqi sources confirmed .. And the Dawa Party denies a new split in its ranks led by Jaafar al-Sadr!!

06/27/2012 20:34

Iraqi sources close to the Dawa Party, the organization of London, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said that consultations take place in full swing among the more than a leader of leaders of the first row of the Dawa Party after the final decision to the party leader Nuri al-Maliki to freeze the activities of Ali al-Adeeb and Kamal-Saadi and others who are considered leaders important combatant in the ranks of the party, said the source, who did not want the announcement of the same reasons in particular: that the movements taking place since the time not long ago to separate the Dawa Party, a coalition of law, which became filled party chief concern of forgetting the party mother using figures are far from the Dawa Party, the likes of Alshahbandar and Skinner and others ,

The source added that the secret visit by a number of young leaders of the Dawa party met where's son spiritual leader of the party Jaafar Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr in Iran, at his residence, the source said that the consultation reached the final stages awaiting the official announcement about the new name of the Dawa party,

For his part, rejected Maliki's Dawa party as the source denying it altogether, saying there are not any splits or marginalization of the Dawa Party, and still insist on Nouri al-Maliki the leader of the party and prime minister of Iraq,

The MP for the rule of law, Jaafar al-Sadr has submitted his resignation from the membership of the House of Representatives in February 2011 in protest against the deterioration of services and the inability of the government to bring much needed citizen, according to press sources indicated time.

Jaafar al-Sadr is the only son of the late religious reference Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, who founded the Islamic Dawa Party in 1957 and who was executed in Iraq in 1980 with his sister for his opposition to a political regime of Saddam Hussein, is also a cousin of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law chest, then left Iraq late nineties to Iran to open the Sadr office, but the Iranian authorities closed down the office, which urged it to move to the Lebanese capital Beirut and stay in, and made ​​Iraq in 2010 and is currently residing in Iran.