Council of Representatives is highest authority in Iraq, says presidency of council in response to Maliki

ERBIL, June 27 (AKnews) - The presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives said today that Iraq is a federal country and the council is the highest authority according to the constitution, assuring that the principle of separation of powers is one of the basic principles of the governing system.

According to an official statement issued by the presidency of the Council of Representatives: "The constitution states that the Iraqi state is a federal state and the governing system is a parliamentary democratic one, and that the Council of Representatives is the highest authority that was granted its legitimacy from the people while the other authorities acquired their legitimacy from the council.

"The principle of separation of powers is one of the basic principles of the regime and the council has legislative and supervisory specialties including granting confidence to the executive authority according to the constitutional mechanisms and to approve the key appointments of executive and judicial branches that are the basis of the Iraqi state."

The position of the presidency of the Council of Representatives comes "in response to the statement that came in the press conference of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki yesterday in which he said ‘there is no questioning or withdrawal of confidence until the improvement of the legislative institution which includes MPs accused of terrorism and fraud,’ adding that ‘there are two options: either dialogue or the non-continuation of the "kidnapping" legislative authority and we have to either freeze it or go to early elections ‘”.

The presidency’s statement added: "The Council of Representatives succeeded in the legislation of many important laws related to public life for the Iraqi people, and the establishment of democratic principles in the forefront the laws related to ministries other than the ones that the government didn't send until now to organize the work of other ministries, in addition to the legislation of about 100 laws during the past two legislative terms.

"The council passed the laws of public budgets and monitored their implementation, as well as its active role in achieving transitional justice and the elimination of tens of resolutions of the disbanded Revolutionary Command Council, which burdened the citizen and the government, and legislation of laws related to the advancement of the economic aspect and living conditions of citizens and the ratification of the international treaties and conventions and the resulting evacuation of the occupying forces and the return of full sovereignty of the country."

The statement assured that: "Despite the political crisis afflicting the country and the deteriorating security situation and the delay in the formation of the government, the Council of Representatives was able to legislate these laws while it is currently preparing to vote on more than 150 laws."

"There is a need to respect the constitution through the obligatory presence of everyone in the Council of Representatives for accountability or questioning at the request of the Council.

“The Council insists on proceeding in exercising its legislative and supervisory role in order to preserve its duty commissioned by the Iraqi people."