Confirmed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in response to Maliki's refusal to question Parliament has that all officials are obliged by the Constitution to appear for accountability or interrogation at the request of the Council so and warned of prejudice to the constitution certain to reject any and tutelage of the Iraqi people nor the House of Representatives and its legitimate representatives or take away their will ... While the National Alliance announced the formation of committees to reform the political situation, but the Iraqi List, said that these reforms would be a waste of time if it does not meet the demands of the people.

Presidency said the Iraqi parliament, which includes President Osama al-leader of the Iraqi bloc and his first deputy leader of the Sadrist Qusay al-Suhail, Second Deputy Aref Tayfur leader of the Kurdistan Alliance said it had seen what came in the press conference of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday in which he said "it does not question does not withdraw the confidence only when the correct development of the legislative institution in which the deputies have issues related to terrorism and fraud, adding that there are two options only two either dialogue or that the case does not assume the continuation of legislative authority hijacked and we have to go off either by freezing and early elections or to continue this case obstructionist. "

The Presidency in a press statement today, I got the text "Elaph" that the Constitution has identified that the Iraqi state, federal, state and system of government is a parliamentary democratic, and that the House of Representatives the highest authority which, gaining its legitimacy from the people with acquired other authorities legitimacy of the Council, and that the principle of separation of authorities is one of the basic principles of the regime and that of the terms of reference of legislative and oversight of them to give confidence to paillasse Executive in accordance with the constitutional mechanisms and to approve the appointments of key executive and judicial branches, which form the basis for building the right of the Iraqi state, and required oversight role for the implementation of the mechanism for accountability, accounting and all the consequent of results. "

The Presidency to the House of Representatives has succeeded in the legislation of many important laws related to public life for the Iraqi people, and the establishment of democratic principles in the forefront of the laws with regard to ministries other than those that did not send the government until now to organize the work of other ministries, as well as legislation about percent law over the past two legislative bodies of the second session of the current, including the Rules of Supreme Audit and the integrity and the accountability and justice, housing fund and the grant monthly for patients with immune deficiency, in addition to the legislation laws of commissions and independent bodies and the laws of the elections that paved the way for the holding of the parliament and provincial councils and regions in all its laws and public budgets for the years past, present and monitor their implementation, and its active role in achieving transitional justice and the elimination of dozens of resolutions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council, which burdened the citizen and the government, and legislation of laws related to the advancement of the economic aspect and living conditions of citizens and the ratification of the treaties and international agreements and the ensuing evacuation of the occupying forces and the return of full sovereignty of the country.

And confirmed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives at the end of its statement on the need to respect the Constitution through the obligatory presence of everyone in the House of Representatives of accountability or questioning at the request of the Council, and stressed the lack of prejudice to the pillar core of building democratic and not to the guardianship of the Iraqi people nor the House of Representatives and its legitimate representatives or take away their will . She said the Parliament designer is determined to proceed in the exercise of its legislative and oversight in order to preserve the Secretariat, which carried them to the Iraqi people.