Iraq confirmed that the request to question al-Maliki will be submitted to Parliament next week
Wednesday 27 ز 2012 12:3
Sumerian News / Baghdad
Confirmed the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Wednesday, that the motion to question the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be submitted to the presidency of parliament next week, and as expected not to "dare" to attend for fear of the files that will open against him, while believing that the Sadrists did not change its position in this regard.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Haider Mulla said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", file interrogation of al-Maliki has become full and will be submitting the application next week to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, "noting that" the political blocs when will brief on the size of violations carried out by the Prime Minister in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer direct the government and the commander of the armed forces will see that the people will demand the withdrawal of the entire trust him. "
Al Mulla said that "al-Maliki when pre-empted the attack on the parliament before the interrogation was aware that his presence meant to inform the Iraqi people on the violations of legal and constitutional by the," and expressed his belief that "the prime minister will not dare to come Kmostagob fear of the files that will open against him."
And confirmed Mullah that "the law and the Constitution will commit Nuri al-al-Maliki the attendees to Parliament, for questioning and will be the a ruler be upon him and as a result Van not attending the will prepare a an additional reason for the withdrawal of confidence for him."
As for the positions of the Sadrist movement emerging, he considered Mullah that "talk about the change in the position of the Sadrist movement is incorrect because it is still holding political reforms," ​​noting that "the Iraqi List, explain the recent trend not to participate in the process of questioning that the consolidation of the position of asylum interrogation and not a change In his position as some believe. "