Posted: June 27, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Parliamentary committee: the whole of the blocks is determined to the enactment of the oil and gas during the current legislative
On: Tuesday 06/26/2012 19:58

In a time of spiraling accusations between political blocs on the illegality of the signing of oil contracts, especially what is happening in the Kurdistan region and between the center in addition to the accusations of oil smuggling.

all these accusations are due to the absence of the enactment of the oil and gas and delay legislation law dates back originally to the lack of consensus Sbasih has

A member of the Commission on oil and gas parliamentary Khalil Zaidan’s (Citizen) on Tuesday «the political blocs that as a whole is determined to Anjazotharia law of oil and Algazakouna has become an urgent necessity«

Zidane said «that there is almost a consensus of all political blocs to Tmrerwakhraj oil and gas law to light«, he added Committee «that the Commission on oil and gas is determined to enact the law and passed during the current legislative« explaining «draft law of oil and gas have been performed by some of the amendments of the agreement through most of the political blocs and that he will have a parliamentary majority when put to the vote in the parliament