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Iraqi efforts to join the World Trade Organization

6/26/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Radio Sawa - BAGHDAD - Omar Hamadi is scheduled to resume Iraqi government negotiations for accession to the WTO in the coming months, in order to move the wheel of the economy and support the private sector in the country. , says director of the World Trade Organization and the Iraqi Ministry of Trade Tharwat Akram "Radio Sawa" Iraq needs to adopt the phrase of new legislation that allows for transition to a market economy to complete the files to join. and help international organizations led by the International Agency for the Development of the United States (Aliwas any IDC) Iraq to join the World Trade Organization. , suggesting director of international trade in the agency American Brian Clancy, that Iraq's accession to the organization will allow the country to engage in global markets and the introduction of technology industry required and said that the private sector would be the most prominent beneficiaries. Iraq has applied for accession to the WTO in 2004, running as a member of an observer in, and held a number rounds of negotiation with the organization for the purpose of completing arrangements for joining these tours but stopped since 2008 in the hope that not resume this year.

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