National held a meeting today to discuss the political developments - the wise paving the way for a meeting between Maliki and Sadr's orders to withdraw .. and Kanani and Araji front of Erbil, Najaf

BAGHDAD - The Constitution

At a time in which it announced it would not block the Liberal involved in the interrogation of al-Maliki in the House of Representatives, I learned ((Constitution)) from sources close to the leader Ammar al-Hakim of the Supreme Council that the other formed a committee headed by Dr.. Hamoudi to bridge the gap between Sadr and Maliki .. The sources, who required not to Asmmha: that the Commission began its efforts to prepare for a summit meeting three between Sadr and Maliki, under the auspices of al-Hakim, expressing the belief that the place the candidate for the meeting is the headquarters of al-Hakim, who committed since the outbreak of the political crisis, a balanced approach .. and on whether the upcoming meeting is to activate the initiative of the wise on the round table, the sources said that the meeting between Sadr and Maliki will be devoted to the convergence of views between them to bypass the process of withdrawal of confidence, and start a national dialogue in the light of the initiative of President Talabani calling for a national meeting .. The sources confirmed: that the chest is the political body not to send representatives to the Committee Aleghanonahalmklfah of Ajphh Arbil - Najaf to question al-Maliki and two each Manalna˙ben Bahaa al-Araji, and the Prince Kanani .. In a related context held the National Alliance, a lengthy meeting Wednesday to discuss developments in the political process and ways to end the current crisis .. The source said early in the coalition's ((the Constitution)) that the leaders of the coalition Aloutta will hold an extended meeting to discuss the latest political developments and ways to end the current crisis .. The source added: that the meeting will be the home of al-Jaafari and fully five o'clock in the evening .. as MP for the State of Law coalition Ahsan Awadi: that today's meeting of the National Alliance will be discussing 70 the center .. and said Al-Awadi: The meeting will be by to discuss a number of important files and related to political reform and how to find the mechanics of reform at the same time will be discussed in substance the committees negotiating between the political blocs to hold a national meeting of the material composed of 70 at the center, adding that the seventy-axis which will be discussed at the meeting of the National Alliance, the next is not a pop-up from the house of the National Alliance, but rather are proposals the views of all the political blocs and confined in Sbabn axis, however, there will be openness to the rest of the political blocs to listen to their views and suggestions.