BAGHDAD, June 26 (AKnews)- The Sadr Current is no longer a party in the coalition which demands replacing the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, an MP from Maliki's State of Law Coalition (SLC) said.

The call by Sadr Current Leader Muqtada Sadr for "mediating between Erbil and Baghdad governments in order to end a demand for withdrawing confidence from the government proves Sadr is not longer a party in the efforts for withdrawing confidence from Maliki," said Abbas al-Bayati.

Bayati continued " Sadr is now part of the political reform project" which the National Alliance (NA) has initiated.

Earlier Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) MP Mahma Khalid said that Sadr's call does not mean that the Sadrists have given up their efforts for withdrawing confidence from Maliki.

He said the Sadrist still support the KBC and Iraqiya List MPs who are trying to stage an interrogation session for Maliki over conditional charges.

The MPs are preparing for the session after they failed to gather enough signatures to strip off Maliki from confidence.

As for the promises by NA and its component, SLC, for introducing political reform projects, Khalil said he does not believe in political reform projects any longer.

He described any roadmap or plan for reform "only efforts to gain time and distract the attention from procedures of withdrawing confidence from the government and interrogating Maliki."

After Sadr, Kurdistan's President Massoud Barzani and Iraqiya Leader Ayad Allawi described Maliki as a "dictator", they held meetings for replacing the PM.

The NA refuses to name another candidate for the PM post and insists on negotiations to settle the crisis.