Babinaoz (Reuters) newly released book titled ((studies and views in the process of lifting of the zeroes)) The economist and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya Dr. Falah Hassan Thuwaini, and address book, which came with 216 pages of medium size, dozens of opinions, articles and research dealt with in detail in place to delete the zeros from the currency, offering at the same time all the matter from the issues of positive can be reflected on the economic reality in general, as well as touched on some aspects of the topics addressed in the book to issues that can be negative in the same subject.

included book, which was keen to edit the author smoothly Bjzeen contains the first on dozens of topics pertaining to the process of deleting the zeros of a number of experts and researchers in the economic aspect, where issues such topics Search The economist and deputy central bank governor Dr appearance Mamedsaleh titled ((restructuring of the Iraqi currency )), as well as dozens of research reports and other articles which dealt in some detail with the subject, the book contains also other studies of the economist, Dr. Ahmed Abreha titled ((delete the zeros)), and another study by Dr. Joseph Hadjim Tai titled ((delete zeros is it a solution or create a new problem?)).

and address the author as well as the studies analyzed all aspects of the process of removing the zeros, reviewing during these studies that can accompany the process of failures, trying (Author) find ways true to avoid such failures and as stated in his own titled ((explore to try to raise zeros from the currency in Iraq) where he addressed Dr. Thwainimbrrat raise zeros from the currency, saying that the process of lifting the zeros or re-label differs radically from the process of devaluation, pointing out that any process of change of the currency or raise zeros by can tolerate variation is in effect which will reflect on the society, stressing that the deletion of zeros does not check the loss of purchasing power of society but remain the same while entail a loss in purchasing power for the process of devaluation, and the author tries in this area to send messages of reassurance to the public, who expressed fear of the process of removing the zeroes. He Thuwaini during his research into the advantages and disadvantages of the deletion process, saying that the operation is one of the justifications for power in the control of the trends of money supply, as well as that it is investigating a goal financially is the stability of the currency and the absorption of the surplus that results from high rates of inflation.

and address book also A collection of articles and opinions published in many of the media and addressed the issue of deletion of zeros, as well as a range of views of the private sector and some community-based organizations involved in developing the Iraqi economy.