Jumaily: Maliki complicated the situation instead of party for solving it
25/06/2012 20:02:00
Baghdad (NINA) Lawmaker from Iraqiya slate, Wehdeh al-Jumaily, said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has complicated the situation instead of being party in solving it.

In a statement to the press, on Monday, June 25, Jumaily said, "We expected Maliki would come out with a statement that would puts parties of the political crisis at ease and proming to sit down around a negotiation table; instead, he came out in threats that can be explained of a declaration of war against the parties that called for withdrawing confidence from him."

She added, "It is expected that for the Chief Executive to start making reforms, not to work for withdrawing confidence from Speaker of Parliament."

Earlier today, in a press conference held after meeting with Ibrahim al-Jafari, leader of the National Alliance, Maliki said, "There are clear violations of the Constitution, yet, the loudest is the most violator of the Constitution; we cannot keep going this way endlessly." / End.