6-25-2012 Winalot: I DID TARIFFS AND INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FOR 12 YEARS. TO HAVE IMPLEMENTED TARIFFS, THEY HAD TO HAVE HAD A CHANGE IN THEIR MONETARY POLICY! TARIFFS HAVE ALREADY GONE INTO EFFECT. EVERYTHING IS DONE ON A 30 DAY LETTER OF CREDIT IN INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT. WE HAVE SEEN ARTICLES THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING SHIPS FROM RUSSIA, GERMANY, ALL OVER. PAYMENT FOR THE SHIPMENT WILL BE DUE 30 DAYS AFTER SHIP RECEIVED AT THE PIER. NOW. THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG. DID THAT SAY THE RV WILL AFFECT THE TARIFFS OR THAT THE TARIFFS WILL AFFECT THE RV? NO. INCIDENTALLY, THIS IS THE END OF THE MONTH. END OF THE QUARTER. They won't affect the RV. It will come in at what ever rate they have planned all along and it is already done. There is no way they could have opened the window trade and the harmonic tariff system with out it. Actually, I beleive that a change in the monetary policy was absolutely necessary to have opened the window system. I don't think that with the minimum of 3 exchange rates that iraq currently has, that there is anyway that it could have been done without a consolidation of rates in some way. It has to be internationallyrecognized and tradeable and it had to have been done at sometime prior to June 1st. The million dollar (literally) question here is, how long can they hide it?