Held the Finance Committee chaired by MP Haider Abadi, Chairman of the Committee meeting attended by members of the Finance Committee and its advisers have been able to discuss the paragraphs included in the agenda.

A statement by the House of Representatives received a “news agency Uzmatk” a copy of it today that the Committee discussed the draft law on Bank of Mesopotamian and Islamic, which has been approved in terms of principle on the inclusion of the first reading, as the Committee agreed in principle to the allocation of the amounts required to repay the debts Kuwait Airways Corporation and the inclusion of the first reading and postpone discussion of the bill the Authority General to monitor the allocation of federal income pending receipt of answer from the Legal Committee of Parliament about it.

He pointed out that the meeting discussed the assignment the Sub-Committee visited the Central Bank of Iraq and see the latest what has been accomplished in the project to delete the zeros and prepare a detailed report and presentation to the members of the committee at the next meeting was agreed to hold a seminar attended by a number of economists specialists to discuss the matter. briefed the members of the committee, according to the statement, the annual plan detail provided by the Board of Supreme Audit was agreed to address the court and inquire about the procedures of the last connection with his remarks contained in his reports that need to be doing the investigation and accounts closing of the State, were approved mandate of the Subcommittee of the Finance Committee visited the Board of Supreme Audit and the preparation of a detailed report for presentation to the Committee at their regular meeting next.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed to host the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research to discuss the parliamentary grant students with an emphasis on the opinion of the Finance Committee of the importance of expediting the lending to students.