Urgent .. Maliki announced one condition to be questioned and the withdrawal of confidence from

Twilight News / reject Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki calls launched by the front of Arbil, Najaf for questioning in the House of Representatives in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence from it, correct performance of PLC condition before resorting to that option.

Received the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Sunday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss the developments in the political situation, and ways to end the crisis.

Maliki said, according to a statement from Jaafari's office received " Twilight News "copy that" the issue of interrogations, we have what we can do, and the other party can be exposed to, but the country will pay the price, there is no question, nor the issue of withdrawal of confidence only when the correct mode the legislative institution. "

And between al-Maliki that "it is that does this kind of work he has to correct the legal status of legislation, and address irregularities within Parliament and within the blocks that make up the Parliament; even go to question or ask another case of these issues."

Maliki said that "they refused to dialogue - and they reject it absolutely - and are afraid to come to the dialogue; because who comes to the dialogue must have a sound file; so as not to face", in reference to the blocks, which met in Erbil, Najaf, seeking to withdraw confidence from it.

Maliki said, "If they refused Let us go to Parliament, and sat, in front of parliamentarians and to the world, and say who violates the Constitution, and which exceeded the State, and who is over on the system, and say: O Parliament, your constitution, your citizens look at the current reality is located" .

He said the Prime Minister, "If you do not come to the national meeting, Let us go to Parliament, we discuss our issues and parliamentarians, and this is the best way to handle things."

And needs no-confidence votes to 163, and if they succeed, it will be concluded to the caretaker government, to be assigned a candidate of the National Alliance to form a government, but analysts do not rule out that scenario is repeated formation of the Maliki government and the negotiations that lasted several months of its formation.

Referred to the Erbil and Najaf have witnessed a movement for the last term between the blocks collected on the withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki, has already been made this option Mhltan of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, given to the National Alliance for the implementation of the recent decisions of the meetings between those blocks, but that the coalition was not able to answer to follow this movement recent meeting in Sulaimaniya with President Talabani and approved the constitutional option of any blocks in progress by reference to the withdrawal of confidence.