Chest: Saguena parties reneging on the withdrawal of confidence in the event of implementation of reforms Maliki
On: Sun 24/06/2012 22:01
Najaf / WAP / said Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr's demand that the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is not the first requirement, but the reform, and that confidence is one of the means of this pressure that we are practicing for reform.

He said during the meeting, Mr. al-Sadr in his home province of Najaf to the media video and audio news agencies, and Iraqi newspapers, including the editor and news agency reported Baghdad International / WAP / Professor Mahmoud Mafraji his willingness to persuade the forces of Arbil to reverse the request for withdrawal of confidence for Maliki if carried out the last reforms.

And he said at the event carried out all government reforms Fsnguena forces of Arbil dissuaded from seeking the withdrawal of confidence, indicating if the request for the withdrawal of the confidence which the harm to the public interest and the people I am against this requirement, but the government did not provide the required services are themselves out of crisis and intervention in a crisis.

He ruled out a national meeting of the chest now, because of political intolerance between the blocks, saying Mzla should know that the continuation of the crisis of not more than bad things, but the deterioration of the security situation and service and all aspects of the state. End