Economic Commission threatens to take a position on the Customs Tariff Act if further attempts to disable
Posted: June 24, 2012 : Commission on the economy threatens to take a position on the Customs Tariff Act, disabled

The Commission threatened the economy and investment Sunday parliamentary attitude towards disabled Government “unjustified” for tariff Act passed the House earlier.

Committee Chairman Ahmed Al-alwani Agency (UR) “there is no law prevents tariff act is unacceptable given the revenue flowing to the State Treasury.

Al-alwani said that his Committee will have a stand at the unjustified filibuster of the customs tariff law and subject to pressure from some speculators from black market dealers “.

The Iraqi Government called on 28 of April of Deputies wait to apply the law on customs tariff of its decision earlier this month to the incompleteness of the foundations for the success of the application of the law.

And the new tariff Act passed by the House of representatives to abolish tariff Act No. (77) of 1955, Coalition Provisional Authority order No. (defunct) (54) of 2004 (trade liberalization policy 2004), Coalition Provisional Authority order No. 38 of 2003 (Iraq reconstruction tax, as amended).

The Act provides for the Council of Ministers at the request of the Minister of finance amended customs duty provided for in the table of tariffs tariffs and agricultural calendar to this emergency law that calls for economic and monetary measures of protection or treatment. :