State law candidacy for the office of Adnan al-Asadi, Minister of the Interior
| on 6/24/2012 | Author AN | Log In three hundred sixty-nine |


BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

MP on the mass of the citizen representative on the inch that a coalition of state law will nominate senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi for the post of interior minister.

He said an inch of the newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that there is a committee formed by the National Alliance and the Iraqi List for the selection of appropriate personal to the Ministry of Defense, Interior, and that must be convergence of acceptance of all the political blocs, adding that the coalition of state law has the desire to nominate a senior agent of the Ministry of Interior.

He explained that the National Alliance has plenty of characters to take over the position of the internal as well as the choice of personal returns for the committee and unanimously complete, noting that the selection and Defence Minister goes back to the Iraqi List, and there will be a discussion between the Committee formed by the two parties of the rejection or acceptance.