After the prosecution Hashemi ... President of the "institution-range" is preparing to prosecute al-Maliki
Posted 23/06/2012 02:44 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
is preparing President of the "institution-term" and senior adviser to former President of the Republic, Fakhri Karim, to file a lawsuit against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, where he has to disclose any file claims to be serious and goes back to the leaders or senior officials.

President of the "institution-term" Fakhri Karim

An official source in the organization for "squares of liberation", "aims to call commit Maliki to hand over any file alleged to justice instead of threatening to use against his opponents demanding political reforms.", Adding: "After extensive consultations with lawyers and political figures high, is being developed the final touches on a case and wide to be presented during the next few hours to the Federal Court, requesting on behalf of the president of the range, to take over the judiciary to extract any files allegedly Maliki it in his possession, for consideration by the competent courts and reveal the truth, instead of being used this way, the threat of liabilities in the exit of the all norms of democracy and legal. "
and took refuge in al-Maliki, who faces the most serious objection to his policies, to the threat over the past few weeks, introduced what it says files dangerous to prove the involvement of senior politicians and by officials in corrupted files and the like.
The source indicated that "the prime minister had already sworn that puts all the facts before the concerned authorities and not to gloss over any case violate the Constitution and laws, which the demands of today's constitutional view these files and submit them to the courts for consideration immediately, since there is no legal justification to hide the issues of concern to the public in the inclusion of his office, "noting that case will be based on the rejection of the reality of the threat and the threat used by Mr. Maliki and his opponents when objected to approach the individual and his policies that led to the emergence of the authority of a hybrid does not represent the Constitution and do not represent historic agreements among the parties of the national dialogue. "
Karim was filed a lawsuit against Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi accused terrorism, because of what was described then continue to act as Deputy President of the Republic without the legal right.