Najafi confirms further action to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and the United Nations ask Sistani to resolve the crisis intervention
Author: Cairo - conscious 1 - 06/22/2012 10:28:51

Development of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al an end to speculation about the draft to withdraw confidence from the government, declaring that «the past in the procedures of Parliament may withdraw confidence from Maliki, and that the alternative would be the National Alliance».

As reported such as the United Nations in Iraq, the Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani «seriousness of the situation in Iraq and the need to intervene to solve them«, announced «Iraqi List» formation of a committee of legal and political question al-Maliki.

Nujaifi said during a press conference that «change-Maliki convinced most members of parliament and is not targeted to a person al-Maliki, but to reform the political process», pointing out that «there are attempts to reform the tried and committees formed and finished to nothing so there is no choice but to withdraw confidence».
He Najafi expressed his confidence that the «National Alliance will choose the alternative in case of withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki, and there is no other procedure can raise concerns», indicating that «in Iraq, men and skills and personalities are able to manage the country and take it out of weakness and failure, which occurred when currently new horizon ».

He stressed that «alternative-Maliki, with the consent of all, it will be the National Alliance exclusively, and this is agreed by the parties to Erbil, Najaf, and there is no competition», pointing out that «no fear on Iraq Fajrath reform and a clear, agreed upon in Erbil in 2010, even if carried out Lml we to these results and the acute political crisis ». He stressed that «no stability in Iraq, but a government of national partnership on the basis of a diverse and enter the results of the elections and come out where all the components of the Iraqi people», stressing that «the failure of the subject of withdrawal of confidence, choice and we will abide by the democratic».

And the declaration of deputy «coalition of state law« Kamal Saadi last month collected 163 of his dismissal Nujaifi said: «I am not against the display to withdraw confidence from the President of parliament (Najafi) if there was a quorum is sufficient, and if there are required in this matter«, considering that «does not manage continue under the democratic system ».

Furthermore, visited Martin Koppel, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani at his residence in Najaf (160 km) south of Baghdad.

He Kubler «concern the situation of the United Nations taking place in Iraq at the moment», calling on political parties to «a direct dialogue to resolve the crisis». He said in a press conference in Najaf, that «the United Nations is concerned about the political crisis«.

He said «the option of boycott a mistake, especially that in the event the parties spoke and sat down at the negotiating table, it can solve problems through the Constitution». He received a letter from the leader of al-Sadr «in which he expressed concern over the deteriorating economic situation and violations of human rights in the country, and serious concerns». He also received a letter from the «Iraq» it expressed «concern about the human rights situation in the country».

But sources in the possession of Najaf told to «life» that «the Kubler-Sistani intervention to resolve the crisis«, stressing that «the Kubler-Sistani told that the situation has become serious and threatens the collapse of the political process and the country's slide into civil war».

The sources added that «the Kubler Sistani stressed that the parties to the meeting of Irbil, Najaf is determined to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki does not accept retreat from it».

The sources said that «the Kubler-Sistani, promised that he would do everything in his power to prevent Iraq from falling into the abyss».

As revealed «Iraq» for «the formation of committees of legal and political questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence from it», stressing that it «is seeking to expand the coalition that formed recently with the Kurds and the Sadr trend to include the spectra of all the people», he saw «coalition rule of law», led by Maliki said the «crisis of confidence passed and ended»

The leader of the «State of Law coalition» MP Hassan Sinead, in a statement that «National Alliance became more cohesive after the subject of withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki and questioned in Parliament», adding that «the project almost no confidence to enter the country in the terrible civil war».