Urgent .. The outskirts of Arbil, decided to withdraw its ministers from the government!!
21/06/2012 21:07

BAGHDAD / Knights of hope
A source in the Kurdistan Alliance, that the parties will meet in Erbil next couple of days for the final agreement to withdraw its ministers from the government bloc.
A source close to the center of the decision that "the Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List and the Sadrists have decided in principle to withdraw their ministers from the government's 20 ministers out of 31 ministers and they are waiting for what shapers interrogation session, Prime Minister Maliki to be held next Saturday."
The source confirmed that "this option in terms of legal and practical means to dissolve the government, explaining that" the outskirts of Arbil will be taken this step to more and more pressure on Maliki and undermine the work and place it on the line and thus will facilitate the process of withdrawal of confidence from it in the end. "