A large group of lawyers and human rights of Iraqis assert peaceful exchange of power to enhance the status of Iraq's political
06.22.2012 16:48:11

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Said a large group of jurists and Mahamiynan not the government's commitment to the Convention on Erbil and real participation alarming the entire political process which would ensure to maintain the unity of Iraq by withdrawing confidence from the Prime Minister and in accordance with section VIII of Article (61) of Dezturalaraca. urged the 520 lawyer and jurist Iraqi In a press release to them received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of today's parliamentarians and political blocs, the Iraqi national forces to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister of Iraq in order to preserve the unity of Iraq and the political process. The undersigned, in their statement that he is still our country is mired in political crises, one after the other, which have the powers of national solidarity and make the effort to save the country from this crisis. statement added As the Conference of Arbil in respect of the constitution and not to jump it with the implementation of the political consensus, without conditions or the imposition of the opinion of one group over another, and to reject sectarian interests and narrow partisan, the civilized world today is trying to solve all the problems and crises through international conventions and charters and works as a body one, and ours is no exception to this rule must not be allowed any of the parties to exploit political influence in the current circumstances. as stated in the statement must enhance the independence of all the devices, which contribute to the development of democracy in Iraq and guaranteed. Including the Electoral Commission and its branches, and the Integrity Commission and others. In countries that respect the sovereignty through Parliament, there is a crucial role and a key to the parliament, he must have MPs enjoying immunity to perform their role properly and to be decision-makers, take to decide the fate of the nation and in accordance with the provisions of Articles 1 and 5 of the Iraqi Constitution. and stressed the undersigned the statement that the substance and significance of the main agreement Erbil is a commitment to genuine participation in the management of the government, but unfortunately did not find any trace of real participation, with the marginalization and clear of the forces and national figures, which portends danger to the entire political process and the risk of destructive in this country and in the case of the insistence of the current government, the proceed in the way of error, have to the national forces, to take steps seriously, what ensures to maintain the unity of Iraq and the preservation of the political process through, to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister in accordance with Section VIII of Article (61) of Dezturalaraca, for the purpose of urging parliamentarians and blocs of political and national forces. (end)