The legal committee charged with studying the interrogation method for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the Council of Representatives has denied being assigned to form interrogation questions, adding that its functions are limited assessing whether the interrogation is legal and constitutional.

Committee member Farhad al-Atrushi said: "We discussed general things about interrogation, where the first side is the constitutional and legality of the formal aspects for interrogation, whether article 61 of the constitution or the internal system of the Council of Representatives, and the other side is the content of the interrogation."

Local media reported that the committee meeting in Erbil prepared 25 questions to interrogate Maliki in the Council of Representatives.

The alliance to withdraw confidence from Maliki formed a legal committee that includes two representatives from each party. The committee began discussing the legal framework for questioning.

Despite the insistence of Iraqiya, the Kurdish Blocs Coalition and the Sadrist Movement to withdraw confidence from Maliki, the PM spoke about a possible breakthrough in the political crisis.