Parliamentary source is likely to hold the next session of parliament in Najaf or Kurdistan
Created on Wed, June 21 / يونيو 2012 08:56 | |
Baghdad / Orr News

Vice likely to hold a hearing next House of Representatives in the province of Najaf or Kurdistan as a result of political differences over the last held in the capital Baghdad, in the absence of security conditions.

The MP said, who preferred anonymity, told (Orr) that "the intensification of political differences between the parties the main private on the subject of a vote of no confidence from the government and the lack of appropriate security conditions for the meeting in the capital, the most likely to be held in another province," noting that "the province of Najaf or Kurdistan region will be the option most prominent result of the conditions in these places."

The MP for the Iraqi List, Talal Zobaie has been ruled out of a parliament session next Saturday under the current political differences and the lack of security environment for the hearing.

He said Zobaie told (Orr) that "the current situation does not allow the House to convene a meeting, especially after the decision to lift the concrete barriers around Parliament which was rejected by most of the political blocs."