BAGHDAD, June 20 (AKnews) - An independent Iraqi MP today ruled out holding a hearing to question Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as a prelude to withdrawing confidence from the government.

Hassan al-Alawi said: "Tomorrow's meeting in the Council of Representatives, if it were to be held, will be a regular session and I think that every meeting between the supporting parties for the government and the opposition will include debates.

Alawi announced a day after announcing his withdrawal from the White bloc that his withdrawal came due to the blocís support for Maliki.

About the interrogation session for Maliki, he said: "The 21st of this month was identified as a date for questioning, but this didn't happen and this means that the time of the meeting is not specified yet.

"If the date was or wasn't identified I doubt holding the session because the parties found in power do not understand this mentally and psychologically. It is difficult for the revolutionary parties to give up power."