Abdul Hadi al-Hakim: rule out the vote in tomorrow's hearing on the legal and the Federal Court of the Supreme Judicial Council
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Secret / Baghdad
Ruled out the independent MP Abdul-Hadi al-Hakim, a legal vote on the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council in the Council meeting on Thursday the first meetings of the Iraqi parliament in the new legislative term.
He attributed the al-Hakim told the fourth power of the news, on Wednesday, "ruled out that the differences of past between the political blocs around them, preventing the passage at a meeting tomorrow, especially as the enactment of the Federal Court needs to be approved by two-thirds of the House of Representatives to pass," stressing "the need to hold further consultations between the leaders of political blocs, if I want to vote on the laws in subsequent sessions close, which did not happen before the first session of Parliament tomorrow, Thursday, 21/6/2012 M ".
He pointed to the possibility that "begin consultations around them in the early sessions of the Council of Representatives to come."
The independent MP Abdul Hadi al-Hakim had already prepared a modified version of the bills in the hope that approved by the leaders of political blocs after the reign of him, Mr. Speaker the responsibility of the convergence of views between the political blocs through the development of a formula are subject to agreement by following the stalled efforts of those seeking for more than a long time. Finished