ERBIL, June 19 (AKnews) - Members of Hal (Solution) bloc in Iraqiya List stated that they support questioning Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and have now returned their withdrawal of confidence signatures to Iraqiya List.

Member of the bloc Qayes Shazr Khamis confirmed the blocís willingness for interrogating Maliki because they say this method is a correct and rational way for implementing democracy in the country.

With regard to returning their signatures for the withdrawal of confidence request, Khamis said: "At the time the three parties attended the Najaf and Erbil agreement [meetings] and asked for withdrawing confidence, the future of the country was not clear.Ē

All political parties are responsible for the current situation and many disputed issues, said Khamis.

Hal spokesperson Ahmed Masari said last Thursday that head of Hal bloc Jamal Karboli met with head of Iraqiya Ayad Allwai in Aman and gave him his reason for returning the signatures.

Masari confirmed that Karboli returned all signatures to Iraqiya.