ERBIL, June 19 (AKnews) - The joint legal committee in charge of preparations for the interrogation questions of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that it discussed the formal and technical aspects of the interrogation process.

The parties in favor of withdrawing confidence from Maliki formed a legal committee, which consists of two representatives from each party. The committee’s first meeting began yesterday in Erbil to prepare the files for the interrogation.

Committee member Farhad Atrushi, who he is member of the Kurdish Blocs Coalition (KBC), said: "The committee discussed the interrogation issue in general and talked about the formal aspects of the interrogation."

Atrushi added that committee members discussed the general lines for the interrogation.

Despite the efforts of Iraqiya List, the KBC and the Sadrist Movement for dismissing Maliki from his post, the PM previously talked about a possible breakthrough in the current crisis.